Monday, April 3, 2017

IBS Philippians 3:11
"If by any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead."

I really don't know what to write about this one, but that's ok, I prayed about this, God lives inside me, I'm not feeling particularly motivated or intelligent or whatever, but I've got some barley loaves and some dry minows metaphorically speaking. If I had to pick a life verse right now it would be " God uses the foolish things if the world" not sure what to write still but here I go, I just have to put a mustard seed of effort which I am and still nothing is coming to me but none of these things move me know what I'm saying, I will press on. Anyway Paul says "that I might attain unto the resurrection" which sounds like works based salvation to me at first but I know this is not the case when put in context with everything else, so what is he talking about? I haven't done my IBS for yesterday which is the verse right before this verse so maybe I should go do that first, hold on a sec, ok I think I get it, not gonna try to explain my thought process here but basically attain unto the resurrection by faith, what is this "any means"? It is faith in Christ. Malcolm x once said something like "by any means necessary" I'm assuming this quote was pertaining to the liberation of black Americans from the oppression of whitey. His "any means" was not faith in Christ, and he did not liberate any of His people from anything. Kanye west once said, playing off of Malcolm's words "buy any jeans 👖 necessary" buy as in purchase, he too as much as I like him, has saved no one from anything except boredom or lack of amusement, and he spends so much of his life and energy trying to help the world but it is all in vain, he has yet to accomplish anything that will truly help, because his trust right now is not in God. faith in Christ attain true liberation, which is resurrection and being with God

Pray with my teammates for more faith in God and no faith in anything else, today during IBS

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